Is it Possible to Change or Get Out of a Finance Factoring Contract?


Can I amend or cancel an invoice factoring agreement? If you wish to modify your current invoice factoring arrangement or end the facility, examine the amendment or termination conditions outlined in your contract. If you are within the notice period for termination, you might be able to conclude the agreement without incurring a financial penalty. […]

What is a revolving credit facility for a UK company?


Could a revolving credit facility help your company? Revolving credit facilities share similarities with bank overdrafts and credit cards. They enable you to access funds whenever your company requires them throughout the agreement period. This credit facility is versatile, serving purposes like covering expenses such as wages, rent, and utilities. It can also be utilised […]

Understanding the Difference between Recourse and Non Recourse Invoice Discounting and Financing


Recourse, Non Recourse, and Liability for Debt When considering invoice finance as a borrowing option for your business, one of the initial choices is deciding between factoring and discounting. Factoring involves surrendering control of your sales ledger to the lender, where outstanding debts are sold to the factoring company who manages customer payments. Invoice discounting, […]

Obtaining company finance – is business credit based on personal credit?


Does business credit rely on my personal credit record?  If you run a limited company, your individual credit score won’t impact your business finance prospects. Your company will possess its own credit history, crucial for lenders deciding to grant a loan. In contrast, as a sole trader, there’s no legal separation between you and your […]

Can I consolidate my business debts?


There are several options available to help you pay your debts  If your business is grappling with multiple debts, consolidating them is a potential strategy to regain financial stability. Various debt consolidation methods are at your disposal, contingent on your business type and circumstances. Regardless of the chosen approach, the objective remains consistent: merging all […]

Asset Refinancing


How asset refinancing can help your business Asset refinance enables you to obtain a lump sum of cash by leveraging the equity value of assets already listed on your balance sheet. This proves beneficial if you intend to make a deposit on new equipment or seek to improve cash flow and enhance working capital. It’s […]

Understanding Secured and Unsecured Business Loans


The difference between secured and unsecured business loans and what this means for you  When considering funding options for your business, several choices can be suitable for starting up or facilitating growth. A secured business loan entails the lender taking one or more of your company’s tangible assets as ‘security.’ These assets may include premises, […]

Start Up Loans


How a start-up loan could help your new business We possess expertise in assisting numerous small businesses with versatile loans and financial support. Typically, funds arrive within 24 hours. Starting a new business without a trading history or prior credit can make securing finance from conventional sources challenging. Established banks often demand evidence of a […]

Invoice discounting vs. factoring: what’s the best invoice finance option?


While the concepts of factoring and invoice discounting are similar, their practical workings differ. The primary distinction between the two invoice finance types is in the control of the sales ledger.  Before delving into these differences, let’s provide a brief explanation of how invoice finance operates in general terms.   What is invoice discounting and […]

What is invoice discounting? Is it the right finance facility for my business?


What is the most appropriate type of funding for your business? Invoice discounting is a financing option that allows business owners to use the value of their sales ledger. When you send an invoice, a part of the total amount is made available by the lender, providing essential working capital during the month. This financing […]