Updated: 29th December 2023

This privacy disclosure pertains to Vanguard Insolvency Practitioners in the UK and its affiliated entities and subsidiaries, along with any associates and partners utilizing visitor information gathered through this platform.

By opting to provide information as a visitor on this site, you implicitly consent to the utilization of such data in accordance with the stipulations outlined in this privacy disclosure. It’s important to be aware that this site features links to other websites, including those maintained by other members associated with Vanguard Insolvency. These external sites may not be subject to the regulations outlined in this privacy disclosure.

For any inquiries about this privacy disclosure or if you believe that your concerns haven’t been adequately addressed, we encourage you to direct your questions to our website administrator at dataprotection@vanguardinsolvency.co.uk.

Data Protection Controller and Contact Details

The individual responsible for overseeing data protection at Vanguard Insolvency Practitioners is designated as the “Data Protection Controller.” In compliance with applicable data protection laws, it is imperative for us, as a Data Controller, to inform you about the manner in which your information is stored and utilized.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy policy or the utilization of your personal data by our organization, we encourage you to reach out to our Information Security Manager. Feel free to contact them via email at dataprotection@vanguardinsolvency.co.uk. Your inquiries will be promptly addressed by our dedicated team.

Information Collection

As a visitor, it is not mandatory to disclose personal information for the use of the Website. The site only captures and retains personally identifiable information that visitors willingly and specifically provide. This may encompass, but is not confined to, details such as your name, job title, company address, email address, telephone and fax numbers, as well as any financial information disclosed voluntarily. Importantly, we do not collect such personal information without your awareness. This category of information is collectively referred to as “personal data” or “personal information.”

If you opt to furnish personal information, whether through the website or over the phone, we will responsibly collect, utilize, share, and store this personal data. Information is gathered during telephone conversations, online applications submitted through our website, and from various documents, emails, or other forms of correspondence initiated by you.

In instances where personal and financial information pertaining to another individual or your partner is provided, you affirm that you possess their consent or are otherwise authorized to furnish this information to us and for us to employ it.

Should you reach out to us with comments or specific requests, which may include expressing interest in being contacted for marketing purposes or through social media, we may, in addition to the data mentioned earlier, gather, use, share, and store information such as marketing preferences, payment details, event attendance records, usernames, engagement details, likes, retweets, shares, reactions, and comments.

The use of cookies, explained further below, is also employed.

Generally, we do not actively seek sensitive information (e.g., data related to race or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, criminal record, physical or mental health, or sexual orientation). However, in situations where it becomes necessary, we will obtain your explicit consent before collecting and utilizing such information.

For training purposes, calls with us may be recorded, and if so, you will be informed at the start of the call. The recorded details will include caller identification, the telephone number dialed, call time, date, duration, and call disposition. Please note that while call monitoring excludes the actual call recording, it encompasses these details for evaluation purposes.


In order to ensure efficient website management and enhance user navigation, we or our service provider(s) may employ cookies, which are small text files stored in users’ browsers, to gather aggregate data. These devices help track information on our systems, identifying visitor categories based on elements such as IP address, domain, browser type, and pages visited. Our website administrator utilizes this information to analyze visitor traffic to different sections of the site, ensuring that our website remains a valuable and effective source of information.

It’s important to note that cookies do not collect personal details like names or email addresses. While users have the option to reject cookies, it’s worth mentioning that, under specific circumstances, access to certain parts of our site may be restricted if browsers reject cookies.

For effective website management, we or our service provider may track information on our systems, identifying visitor categories by factors such as domain, company IP address, and browser type. Our internal website administrator employs this data to assess visitor traffic across different sections of our site, ensuring its continued utility and effectiveness as an information source.

Below is a list of all cookies used on our website, accompanied by brief details regarding their purpose. Additionally, a guide is provided to indicate the relative level of intrusion associated with each cookie:

Cross-references to the table below:

Type of Cookies:

Intrusion Level Key:

Cookies on this site

Cookie NameDataPurpose of the CookieLevelTypeOwnerLifespan
ASP.NET_SessionIDTracking IDTracks referrer, search engine used, user location, keyword clicked, etc.GreenStrictly NecessaryMicrosoftSession
_utmaTracking IDTracks number of visits, last visit, first visit, etc.AmberPerformanceGoogleInfinite
_utmbTimestampRecords when a visitor enters a site to track total time spent on the website.AmberPerformanceGoogleSession
_utmcTimestampRecords when a visitor leaves a site to track total time spent on the website.AmberPerformanceGoogleSession
_utmzTracking IDTracks referrer, search engine used, user location, keyword clicked, etc.AmberPerformanceGoogle6 Months
_utmvTracking IDUser-defined report classifications, etc.AmberPerformanceGoogleInfinite
Google adsTracking IDTracks the pages users have visited to allow interest-based advertising.AmberPerformanceGoogle13 Months
Bing adsTracking IDAllows search engine optimization.AmberPerformanceMicrosoft6 Months
FBevents.jsTracking IDTracks users as they move between devices and allows advertising by analyzing content the user has viewed.AmberPerformanceFacebook pixel180 days
LC1Tracking IDTracks users as they move between devices and allows advertising by analyzing content the user has viewed.AmberPerformanceLinkedIn180 days
App.responseiqTracking IDUsed to help improve experience by storing timezone information for helping schedule a callback.AmberPerformanceResponse IQ365 days
_lo_npTracking IDTracks referrer, search engine used, user location, keyword clicked, and user-defined report classifications.AmberPerformanceLucky Orange30 days
_lo_bnTracking IDTracks referrer, search engine used, user location, keyword clicked, and user-defined report classifications.AmberPerformanceLucky Orange30 days
_lo_cidTracking IDTracks referrer, search engine used, user location, keyword clicked, and user-defined report classifications.AmberPerformanceLucky OrangeSession
_lo_uidTracking IDTracks referrer, search engine used, user location, keyword clicked, and user-defined report classifications.AmberPerformanceLucky Orange2 years
_lo_ridTracking IDTracks referrer, search engine used, user location, keyword clicked, and user-defined report classifications.AmberPerformanceLucky Orange30 minutes (extending)
_lo_v__lotrTracking IDTracks referrer, search engine used, user location, keyword clicked, and user-defined report classifications.AmberPerformanceLucky Orange180 days
Lead ForensicsTracking IDTracks activity and provides information on the IP address of the requesting computer, the date and duration of the user’s visit for site experience or marketing purposes.AmberPerformanceLead ForensicsUndisclosed

Note: The categorization of cookies as “Green,” “Amber,” or “Red” corresponds to their level of intrusion and whether they collect personally identifiable information. “Green” indicates non-intrusive and potentially necessary for website operation, “Amber” denotes somewhat intrusive, and “Red” signifies intrusive, collecting personally identifiable information.

You have the option to control the use of cookies by adjusting your browser settings to either block all cookies or specific types. However, if you choose to block all cookies, including essential ones, you may encounter limitations in accessing certain parts of the site. Our system issues cookies upon your visit and acceptance of the terms displayed on the cookie banner unless you have configured your browser settings to refuse cookies.

If you prefer not to consent to the placement of cookies, you can modify your browser settings by visiting http://windows.microsoft.com/en-GB/windows7/Cookies-frequently-asked-questions. It’s important to note that if you proceed with changing these settings, you should refrain from continuing to access the site, as cookies will be issued once you use the site.

Information Use

We will only use any personal information provided through this website or during telephone interactions in compliance with applicable laws. The purposes for processing your personal data include:

  1. Consent: Where you have given informed, unambiguous, and specific consent.
  2. Legal Obligations: Where we need to comply with a lawful obligation.
  3. Contractual Obligations: Where we need to perform a contract entered into with you.
  4. Legitimate Interests: Where it is necessary for us to use your personal information to pursue our legitimate interests or those of a third party.

Below are the specified purposes for which we use your personal data:

For the website and social media platforms, personal identifying information submitted is used to process your inquiry, and information from telephone calls helps track the call’s source. Cookie information is utilized based on your consent and to pursue our legitimate interest in understanding website usage and enhancing site performance.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

While we may share visitors’ information with service providers handling data on our behalf, typically, we refrain from sharing such information with third parties or other Vanguard Insolvency entities for secondary or unrelated purposes, unless explicitly disclosed at the point of collection.

Personal information may be transmitted internationally to other members of Vanguard Insolvency located outside the UK for the specified purposes. This could involve transfers to countries lacking data protection rules similar to those in your country of residence. In such cases, you can expect a level of protection for your personal data similar to that in the United Kingdom. By providing information to Vanguard Insolvency in the UK through this website, you are consenting to such transfers.

Instances where your personal information may be provided to third parties include engagements for public relations and marketing, IT support, document management systems, case management systems, printing, reprographic support, event hosting, email marketing management systems, and market insight services. In these scenarios, third parties are mandated to implement appropriate security measures to safeguard your personal information in alignment with our engagement and legal requirements. We explicitly prohibit third parties from using your personal data for their own purposes.

Where necessary or desirable to comply with legal or regulatory obligations, requests, or for the identified purposes above, personal information may be disclosed to law enforcement, regulatory bodies, government agencies, or other third parties.

In cases where legislation mandates an identification check, we will validate the personal information you provide against an appropriate third-party database, including disclosure to a registered Credit Reference Agency. This check is solely for identity confirmation, and it does not affect your credit rating. You have the option to inform us if you do not consent to such a check.

Retention of Personal Data

We will retain your personal information only for the duration necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected, adhering to statutory and professional retention rules. Generally, the retention period for your personal data is set at 6 years from the closure date of any contact you may have with us. However, if the basis for holding your personal information necessitates a shorter retention period, it will be preserved in accordance with our current retention policies.

Here are some examples:

Access to Information

We are committed to providing reasonable access to visitors who wish to review any retained personal information. Requests for access or changes to information will be handled in accordance with applicable legal requirements, and a nominal charge may be applied to cover administration costs. If you wish to access your personal information, please contact dataprotection@vanguardinsolvency.co.uk.

Your rights in respect of your personal information

In specific situations and in accordance with the law, you have the following rights:

These rights are designed to ensure that you have control over your personal information, and we are committed to addressing such requests in compliance with applicable legal requirements.

Information Security

We have implemented robust and reasonable commercial standards of technology and operational security to safeguard all information supplied by visitors, preventing loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction. Our commitment to information security is underscored by our Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

Vanguard Insolvency, based in the UK, retains the right to modify or amend this privacy statement at any time and for any reason. It’s important to note that nothing contained herein establishes or is intended to establish a contract or agreement between Vanguard Insolvency and any user visiting the website or providing any form of identifying information.


If you harbor any concerns regarding how we have utilized or are utilizing your data, please reach out to dataprotection@vanguardinsolvency.co.uk in the first instance.

Should you remain dissatisfied and feel that your concerns have not been adequately addressed, you possess the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office. Details for contacting the Information Commissioner’s Office are available at www.ico.org.uk. Your satisfaction and confidence in our data handling practices are of utmost importance to us.