Submitting a DS01 form to strike off your limited company


Understanding the DS01 form for company strike-off Considering your company’s financial situation, you can shut it down by applying for striking off through the submission of a DS01 form. The majority of directors need to agree on the company’s striking-off. Once the DS01 application is submitted, it is publicised in the Gazette, making it known […]

How to strike off or dissolve a limited company


What is a limited company strike-off? Limited company strike off, also referred to as dissolving a company, is the procedure for concluding an undesired company and eliminating its registration from the Companies House record. Following the striking off or dissolution, the company ceases to exist as a legal entity, and all trading activities come to […]

Restoring a dissolved company to the Companies House register


Restoring a dissolved company (administrative or court restoration) A company that has been dissolved may be reinstated on the Companies House register by a company director or shareholder, provided specific conditions are met. Restoration is possible if the company was struck off within the last 6 years or if it was actively trading at the […]

Company strike off has been suspended – what now?


What happens after suspended company strike off application? If your application to strike off is paused, it indicates a creditor has opposed dissolving your business. Consequently, your company will stay active on the Companies House register. Dissolution only occurs after a new application faces no objections or you initiate liquidation proceedings.   What can I […]